NFT Twitter Spaces that you might find useful

1 min readDec 17, 2021


  1. Space: NFT EmpowerHER NFT COFFEE CLUB

Host: @NFTbyTEE

Description: Space seems to be focused on women empowerment, motivational talks, the host is an artist with her own NFT project They are also talking about the idea of how decentralization gives independence to artists and people in general.

2. Space: #NFTs coffee & Christmas tree

Host: @WeinbagZ

As of now, they are focusing on artists and shilling a little bit but I know that they have a focus on how to get your art out there. It is quite a general space, since both hosts @WeinbagZ, and @AaronHaber aren’t full-time NFT traders/creators. (They are a musician and comedian respectively).

3. Space: NFT talks

Host: @Hashlipsnft

There is a big focus on the technical analysis of projects. They give feedback to everyone who speaks up. The host also has a project it’s an art engine that generates art. Its looks like it's in the early stages though.

4. Space: Crypto & Coffee

Host: @StockzNCrypto

This is a super hustle culture focused. Big focus on getting money, not too hyper, pretty chill, but unlike ‘NFT talks’, ‘Crypto & Coffee’ has very little technical focus (utility discussion).

The best way to grow through these spaces is by speaking and sharing your educated opinion. As the hosts sometimes go out of their way to introduce you to other people and basically give you a shout-out.




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