NFT Digital land — overview

2 min readDec 15, 2021


Digital land has been in a high demand this past week. That is why we decided to write a quick overview on the 3 NFT digital worlds.

  1. NFT World.

NFT World is the most technological project. It’s built on the MineCraft engine. It is possible to simulate your worlds and sell it at auction. The developers promise to drop their tokens and work mechanics of the resources. The first snapshot drop will be in December 23rd, the second drop for the holders will be in February 2022.

After an explosive growth to 0.63 the floor price is now going down and is at the level of 0.56.

The number of unique holders decreases, as NFTs are accumulating in wallets, since the number of accrued tokens in the future drop will depend on the number of NFTs in the wallet.

2. Worldwide Webb Land

Worldwide Webb Land collaborated with many other NFT projects. Once you enter the website — you already in the game! The game has four types of apartments.

The price of this project went up to 0.69, but now it rolled back to 0.37 — which is an interesting level for buying, it is possible that it is still going to go down, but not lower than 0.3

3. Property's NFT

This new, not even a week old project has a large transparent team, and good advisors. The graphics are pretty neat, and remind a little bit of the SimCity. Have a very high quality website, you can see that professionals worked on it.

Public sale was sold out in 6 minutes. Prices of the closed sales reached 0.17–0.2 eth, after opening the sale to the public it dropped by 0.1.

They promise to publish Whitepapers SOON, where they will clarify all the work mechanics.




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