GOLDEN AGE. An exclusive event in Smirnov’s Mansion, Moscow

2 min readAug 19, 2021


The mansion of P. P. Smirnov is a dwelling house in the Art Nouveau style, reconstructed in 1901–1905 by the project of the architect F. O. Shekhtel. One of the key monuments of Moscow Art Nouveau and one of the most famous buildings of the architect Schechtel. Federal cultural heritage site.

The mansion of P.P. Smirnov

On the night of August 14th, a mega-event happened! The solar system celebrated its birthday: the project turned 2 years old. Inside the Mansion there are more than 6 rooms made in the theme of different eras: from Ancient Egypt to the 20th century.

Picture was taken from Architectural Digest Russia
Alex Litvinovich, COO at NFT4U

One of the rooms held an NFT topic discussion followed by a live auction on the Rarible marketplace. Our team also joined this event and had an opportunity to speak about NFT, our successful case studies and industry insights.

Alexandr Nuvo from Moscow, known as a conceptualist and digital artist has been participating in a 365 days yoga challenge, he was actively posting his journey on social media, including Twitter and YouTube. To celebrate such achievement, he had an idea to create a 3D avatar — his digital twin doing yoga. The work is listed on Rarible for 365 ETH.

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